The Vision of RAW

RAW then…

Nearly 30 years ago RAW started to place paint brushes into the hands of kids. RAW’s team of art therapists began by traveling throughout Massachusetts creating art with incarcerated youth. In 1994 we opened RAW Space in Lynn to help more youth and to prevent more incarceration by creating a safe, supportive environment within their community. Since then, RAW has used the power of the arts to inspire thousands of young artists to tell their stories, envision new possibilities, and transform their lives.

RAW now

Over 1,200 youth aged 7-19 attend RAW’s free programs each year. RAW offers visual arts groups, a film school, leadership development opportunities and teen employment. Through Project Launch, mentors from the community guide RAW’s high school juniors and seniors through the daunting college admissions and financial aid process.

At RAW we recognize the vital potential of each young artist and commit ourselves daily to our mission: to ignite the desire to create and the confidence to succeed.

< IMAGE ABOVE RAW Space founders, Kit Jenkins and Mary Flannery