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Meet Matt

”Because of Raw… I see myself as a piece of a community, and before, I didn't see that“

Matt began coming to RAW's Reel to Real Film School in 2003. He graduated high school in 2006 and is currently an Assistant Video Editor at soup2Nuts animation studio. He is one of two alumni to sit on RAW's board of directors.

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Meet Tanisha

”Because of Raw… I know exactly where I want to go. I want to reach a goal“

Tanisha attended RAW's Reel to Real Film School for 3 years, and graduated in 2013. She was invited back to RAW as a teaching assistant in film school while in college. Tanisha hopes to persue a career in film.

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Meet Darlene

”Without Raw… I wouldn't understand what leadership really means.“

Darlene started attending RAW in 2007 where she attended Women 2 Be and Adventures in Fine arts. She graduated high school in 2010. She is currently attending UMASS Amherst and hopes to attend medical school.

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Meet Johnny

”Because of Raw… I know how people look at me and my environment, and how I can change it“

Johnny started coming to RAW at age 7 and graduated high school in 2009. He currently owns Foot Traffik, a high end sneaker store, and has two young sons.

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Being a part of RAW ignites the feeling in over 370 kids each year that no matter what happens in their lives, they have a place to be seen and heard.

In 2007, RAW made a strong statement of commitment to its kids and its downtown Lynn neighborhood when it purchased its four-story building. Now more than ever, kids need RAW. As our programs have grown, so has our waitlist. Some youth wait up to two years to join our programs, but they need a place to connect with caring adults, a place to build deeply-rooted relationships and a chance to be seen and heard - and they need it now.

Now, in our 25th year we are ready to grow even more! We will bust through a wall in our ground floor gallery adding 2,500 square feet to our program space. This will decrease our waitlist, giving over 200 kids the opportunity to become a part of RAW.

RAW's New Initiatives


Art of Words is a new arts-based literacy program that supports youth as they enter a competitive world that requires them to be clear and compelling. This program will merge creativity and communication through the written and spoken word. RAW has always integrated writing with art, and we refuse to let our kids say "I can't" when it comes to writing. Art of Words will offer our kids the support and tools they need to become effective communicators.


In 2000, film school was born. Thirteen years later, nearly 300 kids have created 217 films that have been seen in over 140 countries online and in hundreds of film festivals. R2R has always been small but mighty, and the public have taken notice. In our 25th year, R2R will move into a long-awaited, full-fledged production studio that is double its current size. Gone are the days of a makeshift sound booth in a bathroom!


Gather@RAW will embody its name as a creative space and offer weekend programs and community events. Our studio will now be open on Saturdays to provide free arts programming to 170 additional kids each year! Teens will have the opportunity to gain valuable skills in entrepreneurship, merchandising and finance through the creation of a small retail shop. The space will be available for private event rental, so you can party (or conference) with a purpose!

Project Launch

RAW's landmark mentor-based college access program changes every teen's experience at RAW. In a city where only 73% of teens graduate high school on time, RAW is proud that every single high school senior graduates on time and that more than 90% of them have enrolled in college. This year, LAUNCH will see a super-charged version of itself as it expands to increase the depth and breadth of programming to meet our kid's needs, starting in freshman year!