Real to reel filmschool

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Through an aesthetic, emotional, and technical exploration of cinema, Real to Reel students creatively engage in the the art of visual storytelling. Our teens are able to validate their own stories and experiences through the creation of honest and often deeply personal films. From pre-production through post-production, our students learn the responsibilities of preparing, shooting, finishing and exhibiting a film. They learn what it really means to say, "I'm a filmmaker." In the process of learning how to make films, our students gain a larger understanding of the role popular media plays in their lives and how it affects both their identity and their worldview.  

While some of our students pursue filmmaking after high school, that is not necessarily the goal: R2R focuses on 21st century skill building; important life skills that translate far beyond the film industry. Students from the program have continued on to many different career fields from engineering to photography, and art therapy.

Graduates have gone on to film school at New York University, Emerson College and Syracuse University.