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Herring Family Announces $5 Million Gift to RAW!

Bruce and Tricia Herring

Bruce and Tricia Herring

YES, you read that right!!!  RAW’s long-time Board Chair, Bruce Herring, and his wife Patricia, have committed a $5 million gift to establish an endowment at RAW on behalf of the Herring Family. 

As Bruce and Tricia spoke about the inspiration behind this gift, they shared what they observe here. “RAW executes on its mission. The people who work here live by that mission. Kids walk in knowing this is a place where they are seen and their voices are heard. We have witnessed the lasting change RAW has had on these youth. As parents ourselves, Tricia and I really wanted to have a larger and long-lasting impact on youth in our surrounding communities. We believe in the importance and significance of the work RAW does and want to ensure RAW’s sustainability and expanding impact with this gift.”

Bruce further explained, “By creating an endowment, we wanted to provide a base level of funding that will be there year in and year out to help RAW fulfill its destiny.  Times are good today but the economy has cycles and we want to do what we can to make sure RAW weathers the tougher times.”

To put this gift in context, consider that in the past five years only one Massachusetts-based youth-serving organization has received a gift of $1 million dollars or more from an individual donor (Chronicle of Philanthropy).

When asked how she would describe RAW at its essence, Tricia said “RAW is a place where kids get to quiet the noise, where there is a sense of relief and release…it is a sanctuary.”  A sanctuary provides fertile ground for growth, and is sustained within a stable environment.  With this endowment, we fortify our long-term financial health as an organization, and begin our fourth decade with more possibilities for our organizational growth than ever before. 

Check out the article in the Boston Globe!

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When our youth launch from RAW, we hope they will listen to themselves and others, will be able to ask for help even when it is tough, and will have a strong internal compass so they can find their way with confidence. Our goal is to help youth move forward with a deep sense of passion and purpose, and to make something truly awesome happen in their lives and in their communities.


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RAW believes kids need to be seen and heard. 

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RAW ignites the desire to create and the confidence to succeed.

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