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Encore! Real to Reel film screening @ RAW - October 20th!

Encore! Real to Reel film screening @ RAW - Thursday, October 20th!

RAW's Fall/Winter 2016 Newsletter

Check out RAW's new [Fall/Winter 2016 Newsletter ](/sites/default/files/RawNewsletter_Fall2016_SinglesV5_FINAL.pdf)

RAW'S mission is to IGNITE the DESIRE to CREATE and the CONFIDENCE TO SUCCEED in underserved youth.

Our kids tell us that it doesn’t matter if you are 7 or 17. When you walk into RAW for the first time, there is one response: I want to belong here. We create a culture where every artist feels welcomed, connected, and committed to our community. RAW is there for kids when they struggle with a piece of art or a piece of their lives.
Using a wide range of media from paint to film, fabric to found objects, kids create art that cannot be ignored because of its quality and content. Their art speaks. It reveals a meaningful part of them that needs to be seen and heard, without being judged.

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